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“And if you have these three things, then what else would you need?” -2A Edu

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson – The Declaration of Independence”

Bob of Pew-Tang Clan (ep. 8)

Bob’s very first P80 video was filmed at a backyard picnic table because the intent was to offer help to friends and family that lived too far away to help in person. The mission today is the same as it was in 2018-to help regular folk gain the confidence and basic skills to flex their second amendment builder’s rights all across this great nation.

Helping everyday Americans exercise their right to build their own reliable pistol, and make the most of their hard-earned dollars, is the Pew-Tang Clan way.

Bob built his first Polymer 80 in 2015 when they first launched. While there is more information on the process and intricacies now than ever before, he felt something was missing. As he helped friends and family get their projects off of the ground, he realized the available guides and tutorials were either very complex and required investing in specialized tooling, or were too vague.

Zach Carr (Toxic Patch Co) (ep. 10)

Zach Carr is the Co-owner of Toxic Patch Company, Father, gun toting bearded Patriot, and Mississippian born and bred. He like long walks on the beach, anime, collecting patches, and flashy Glocks.

David Drake – Gun News & Reviews (ep. 15)

David Drake is a YouTuber that covers firearms and news

Dr. Val Finnell – GOA (ep. 14)

Colonel (Dr.) Val W. Finnell, USAF Ret. is the Pennsylvania Director for Gun Owners of America, spearheading GOA’s work within the Keystone State.

Val has been a stalwart defender of the right to keep and bear arms since the 1990s. In 1998, he was elected as the first president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), the premier gun rights organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VCDL was instrumental in making Virginia a “shall issue” state and continues its mission to the present day.

Val received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1994 and a Masters in Public Health from the Uniformed Services University in 2008. He served as a Chief of the Medical Staff and a Deputy Group Commander in the United States Air Force.

In 2016, Val retired from the Air Force in the rank of colonel. He is a disabled veteran and also assists GOA in representing veterans’ interests before the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A native son of Pennsylvania, Val returned to his home state after his retirement from the military and has been serving as GOA’s Pennsylvania Director since April of 2019. He’s a proud member of the Sons of the American Revolution and currently resides in York, Pennsylvania near his grandchildren.

Matt Gottshalk (ep. 11)

Matt Gottshalk is the Director of Production at Big Picture inc. in Chantilly VA. He is a former Producer/Director for Digital Creative at the United States Postal Service and former owner of McGee Digital Media.

He has won a regional Emmy award for his editing and numerous other rewards as Producer/Director and Director of Photography. He has spoken numerous times at NAB and co-wrote an award-winning book on shooting videos on DSLRs.

Richard Hoffman (ep. 6, 12)

Richard started doing simple firearms repairs at a young age. he became a Life member of the NRA at age 16. After graduating from high school, he attended the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School where he received my Master Gunsmith Certificate.  He then spent a few years working for some small gun shops. In the late 80’s he met and married Michelle. He got a job offer working for Sam Cummings at Interarms a major firearms importer at the time. Shortly after he started at Interarms Michelle got a job there running the parts department. They worked there during the 1990’s until after Sam passed away. While working at Interarms both his wife Michelle and he went back to college at Strayer University and got our bachelor’s Degrees. In late 2001, early 2002 they decided to set up BWE Firearms. Richard doing the gunsmithing and Micki doing the office work. Soon after going into business, they decided to start building 22LR Gatling guns. After setting up a booth at the SHOT Show in Orlando they almost didn’t go back to Ohio. A year later they packed up and moved to Longwood, FL. They eventually got our SOT and got into the NFA side of the industry. They have grown BWE into the best submachine gun gunsmithing and parts business in the country. They are currently expanding into the S&W76 / MK760 line of subguns parts. They were excited when their son decided he wants to start learning the business. Their future is bright.

It is their goal to become your best source for top quality opened bolt submachine gun parts. They started with Uzi parts and have already expanded into the S&W 76 / MK760 family and are now looking at the Swedish “K” as well. Please check their site on a regular basis as we will be regularly adding products.

Their mission is simple: to provide the best gunsmithing and parts available to our customers. They take great pride in our company, their commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Their online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse their product catalog.

In February of 2021 Richard was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic Colon cancer and a perforated descending large intestine. They gutted gutted like a damn fish and gave him a bag to poop in but got all the cancer in his large intestine and colon. He started chemotherapy and after 6 of his 12 treatments his cancer has shrunk by 30%. He will continue to kick cancers ass until he beat it. This has slowed him down in work but he is starting to catch back up.

Thanks to the hard work of his wife and her amazing genealogical skills he am now a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Mayflower Society, Jamestowne Society, Flagon and Trencher, and the War of 1812 lineage societies. Through her research she found out that he descends from Stephen Hopkins who came to this country in 1610 after being shipwrecked in Bermuda for a year. She also found that one of his patriot ancestors was a Gunsmith/Blacksmith. He knew his roots went way back in this country’s history I just did not know it went back over 400 years to a Rock Star like Stephen Hopkins. His wife has now decided with him pushing a bit to become a Certified Genealogist and specialize in Lineage Society membership and Immigrants from Ireland, England, and the Hungary/Slovakia areas.

Samual Honnold (ep. 5)

Paster Sam is preacher-hating preacher currently seeking asylum in Mexico. He has been featured on Infowars.

Matt Hoover (CRS Firearms) (ep. 3)

CRS Firearms is a channel with over 125K subscribers. Matt talks able firearms and firearms rights.

Joe, ShootingGalleryNE (ep. 13)

Joe Started my YouTube Channel as a Digital Resume, but then it turned into a way that his channel his Passion for Guns and given him the opportunity to realize that this is what he wants to do with my life.

Being a Graduate of SDI Joe was able to learn the Gunsmithing Trade and work as one in my Home of MA. His content focuses on How To Videos, Firearm Presentations, a Live Podcast every Week. If his Content Bring People great information then he can Say its was all worth it 

Dark Mavis (ep. 3)

Dark is one half of DLD After Dark which is a YouTube Show/Podcast. He speaks of self-reliance.

Yehuda Remer (ep. 2)

Yehuda Remer is an award-winning Second Amendment
advocate from Texas. He is the author of numerous children’s books on firearms education and focuses much of his research on the correlation between gun control and bacon.

Jason Schaller – The Rouge Banshee (ep. 19)

Jason Schaller was an FFL for 10 years before concentrating on online firearm content. On his YouTube Channel (The Rogue Banshee) he breaks the content down to its simplest form allowing for gun owners of all skills to maintain their firearms.

Tony Simon (ep. 16)

Tony Simon is a United States Marine Corps veteran and has worked for over 25 years as a security professional. Works as a certified firearms instructor and range safety officer, volunteers instructing youth in safe firearms handling, is a firearms reviewer, one of the Founders of the Minuteman Challenge (a shooting competition) host of multiple podcasts including the 2A4E podcast, and Founder and host of the 2nd is For Everyone: Diversity Shoot. He is also a 2nd Amendment rights advocate that’s testified in the New Jersey legislature and has been a speaker at multiple 2nd Amendment rallies.

The 2nd is for Everyone is dedicated to welcoming people of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, and backgrounds into the firearms community. We want to destroy the negative stereotypes of firearms owners and get people involved in the 2nd Amendment civil rights movement. We are educating people to be safe, responsible, politically active firearms owners.

Hank Strange

Hank is an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, Writer, Blogger, and Digital Artist: Since 2013 Hank has been a Prolific YouTube Content Creator having Published over 1000 Videos and over 700 WMMF (Who Moved My Freedom) Podcast Episodes to date relating to Lifestyle in the realms of Firearms, Cars, and Technology.

Luis Valdes (ep. 4)

Luis Valdes is a Miami native and first-generation born American of Cuban parents. Luis grew up around shooting, hunting, and collecting firearms. As a veteran Police Officer, he burnt his own vacation time fighting for better gun rights at the Capitol.

He’s passionate about the Second Amendment and believes that it is this century’s civil rights issue. As such, he’s now the Florida State Director for Gun Owners of America and fights for better gun rights full time. Happily married, Luis enjoys the finer things in life like Colt Pythons, Cuban Cigars, Fine Wine, and Traveling with his family.

The Gun Doctor (ep. 12)

Known as the “Gun Doctor”, this former Police Officer, former professional MMA fighter, and Swift Water Rescue Swimmer know his stuff. These days this Kentucky State concealed firearms instructor spends his time as a gunsmith and YouTube personality. He’s waiting to see how Mann can handle his tactical knowledge and the Tactical Beard!

Jared Yanis – Guns & Gadgets (ep. 17)

Guns & Gadgets is a YouTube Channel that focuses on keeping YOU up to date on the constant attempts to infringe on the 2nd Amendment. No matter what part of the United States you live in, Guns & Gadgets is your PREMIER source for 2nd Amendment news.